Co-Curricular Activities

Early learning environments support children’s growth in all domains of development. Their curious brains grow in leaps and bounds when rich experiences are provided. 

With this in mind, we offer the following specials included as part of our curriculum:


Through the Music School of Delaware: From exposure to different musical instruments to rhythm and beats, children enjoy and benefit from music and melody, songs and chants.

Foreign Language

Dr. Montessori identified a sensitive period for language development in children over a century ago, now confirmed by brain research. We provide Mandarin Chinese classes to enhance multi-language learning and cultural awareness.

Art Instruction

STEM is now STEAM. New research in education has highlighted the importance of art experiences to support learning in the traditional subjects such as math and science, as well as the role of art in supporting mental health (stress reduction).

Physical Education

Movement activities support balance and coordination. Zumba and Yoga also teach important life lessons that view exercise as a vital aspect for a healthy lifestyle.

Enrichment classes are taught by nurturing professionals who interact and engage with children in a developmentally appropriate, child-centered manner.

Extracurricular Activities

Optional activities are offered based on children’s interests. They have a separate registration process through their respective organizations. CACC Montessori offers parents the opportunity for their child to participate at our school; right after the school day, thereby making it more convenient.


Kick-start your child's love for soccer with expert-led soccer classes designed to enhance their skills, promote teamwork, and foster a lifelong passion for the beautiful game.


Unleash your child's creativity and boost their self-confidence through engaging drama classes where they can explore storytelling, improvisation, and stage performance in a supportive and nurturing environment.


Enchant your child with the grace and elegance of ballet as they discover the joy of movement, develop strength and flexibility, and cultivate a lifelong appreciation for the art form through ballet classes tailored specifically for children.

Science Club

Spark your child's curiosity with a science club, where they'll explore, experiment, and discover the wonders of science through hands-on activities and captivating demonstrations.