Each classroom is a brightly lit and cheerful space designed to be developmentally appropriate for young children. They have their own adjacent bathroom and a door leading to the playground. Lead teachers in the Toddler and Pre-Primary classrooms are certified in Montessori curriculum and philosophy in their respective age ranges. The infant room is a pre-Montessori classroom. These children are prepared to enter the Montessori Young Toddler classroom when they move up from the infant room.


Discover a nurturing and safe environment for infants ages 3-15 months. Our experienced teachers provide personalized care, sensory exploration, and gentle play to foster early development. We prioritize communication with parents and maintain a childproofed space. The teacher to child ratio is 1:4.

Young Toddler

In our vibrant and engaging young toddler classroom, we create a stimulating environment for curious minds ages 12-26 months. Our dedicated teachers foster early learning through interactive play, socialization, and age-appropriate activities. The teacher to child ratio is 1:6.

Older Toddler

Our older toddler class at CACC is a dynamic space where young learners ages 26-36 months thrive. Through a balanced blend of structured learning and play, we cultivate a love for discovery, socialization, and early academics. The teacher to child ratio is 1:8.

Pre-Primary & Mixed-Age Kindergarten

At CACC's Pre-Primary & Mixed-Age Kindergarten, we prepare young minds ages 3-6 years for a successful transition to elementary school. Our experienced teachers provide a supportive and enriching environment where children develop essential academic, social, and emotional skills.

Before/After School Care

Mornings in the before school program offer free-choice activities like coloring, reading, and playing with puzzles or Legos. The after-school program centers on monthly themes, featuring circle time, reading, songs, arts & crafts, and yoga.