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The Montessori Method

The Montessori method is an approach to education in which children are given freedom to explore an environment which is designed to meet their  developmental needs.  Through the teachers’ preparation of the environment, careful observation, and individual program planning, each child is encouraged to become involved in concrete sensory-motor learning experiences.

Dr. Maria Montessori’s fundamental philosophy revolved around creating a carefully balanced environment that harmoniously blended freedom and structure, catering specifically to the needs of the child. She believed in the power of providing materials that facilitated progressive learning through hands-on manipulation, enabling active and independent exploration. Additionally, Montessori’s philosophy emphasized the recognition and appreciation of the child’s innate potential and their remarkable ability to naturally develop along their unique path during their “sensitive periods.” By embracing these principles, Montessori aimed to unlock the full potential of each child, fostering holistic growth and self-directed learning

Children don’t work for external rewards, but learn because they’re interested in knowledge.  The result is a love of learning and a spontaneous and insatiable curiosity children carry with them for life.

Any child who is self sufficient reflects in his joy and sense of achievement the image of human dignity, which is derived from a sense of independence.

Dr. Maria Montessori


  • Teacher has dominant, active role in classroom
  • Teacher acts as primary enforcer of external self-discipline
  • Instruction, conforms to the adult’s teaching style
  • Same age grouping
  • Most teaching is done by teacher, collaboration is discouraged
  • Curriculum structured for child with little regard to child’s interests
  • Child is guided to concepts by teacher


  • Teacher has unobtrusive role in classroom
  • Environment and method encourage internal self-discipline
  • Instruction adapts to each student’s learning style
  • Mixed age grouping
  • Children are encouraged to teach, collaborate, and help each other
  • Child chooses own work from interest and abilities
  • Child formulates own concepts from self-teaching materials

After observing numerous preschool programs, we found CACC Montessori was the perfect school for our family. All 3 of my children have bloomed into confident, hard-working, respectful kids. We are very thankful for this excellent program.

Michelle Former CACC Parent